Why rent through Swished?

Want more fashion with less cost to you and the planet? 🌎 

You're in the right place. 

  1. Access to a huge community wardrobe 👚
  2. Spend less renting rather than buying 💵
  3. More sustainable than single-wear fast fashion ♻️
  4. Make money renting-out your clothes 🤑

Love fashion, hate waste

We, like you, love fashion and experimenting with new looks.

But we recognise that it can be harmful for the planet – and that not everyone can always afford to shop sustainably.

With Swished, don't chose between sustainability and style. Instead, rent that outfit at a fraction of the cost, try new trends and borrow rather than buy. 

Make your unworn clothes work for you

We've all got items we've worn once and won't wear again. So give that outfit a chance to be loved by someone else and make more money renting it than you paid for it.

Make extra cash, pay for your night out, or start a side hustle, up to you.