How to list


Download our app from your phone's app store



Set your rental price and add photos you've taken 



When you get a rental we’ll let you know where to send it



Then we pay you (PayPal or bank account)

**less 10% + 50p to cover our costs**




FAQs for Listers:

What happens if my item comes back dirty?

Given they've been worn to an event, it's going to come back needing a really good wash, that's completely normal. Some marks and signs of wear should also be expected. 

If on the rare occasion there are stains you don't think a good wash will resolve, or there is damage that's more than normal wear and tear, then please let us know as soon as you have received the item back and we will help you resolve it. 


What happens if my item is damaged beyond repair?

Some small signs of wear and tear are expected, and after a few rentals, if you would like to continue renting the item, it may be necessary to repair some signs of wear and tear. 

If a renter damages an item beyond repair, then Swished will calculate what the Market value is for the item, given the number of wears it has had, and reimburse you that amount.


What happens if someone doesn't return my item?

In the very unlikely event that this happens, Swished will investigate the circumstances fully and if it is determined that it has been taken, Swished will look to charge the renter for the full resale value of the item and transfer that money to you. 


How much money will I make from each rental?

You will receive 90% of the rental price you set minus 50p. Swished only keeps the remaining 10% plus 50p. We charge these fees to cover our platform costs, advertising your items on Google and social media platforms, the payment fee we are charged by the payment processor, for example PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and insurance for the item.