FAQs for Listers:

How much money will I make from each rental?

Swished will only take 10% + 50p of your listed rental price. We charge these fees to cover our platform costs, advertising your items on Google and social media platforms, the payment fee we are charged by the payment processor, for example PayPal, Visa, Mastercard and insurance for the item.


How do payments work?
You can lend your items by downloading the Swished app and listing the items available for rent.  
When a renter requests to rent an item, and the lender agrees to the request, payment is made to Swished via Stripe. All payments made by renters will be held by Swished on behalf of listers until completion of the rental period. All requests to rent an item must be done through the Swished application with all payments made via Stripe. All funds will be held by Swished on behalf of listers until successful completion of a rental.
Upon successful completion of a rental, Swished will charge commission on the total transaction amount. Swished will automatically deduct commission from the rental amount and pay the lister via Paypal or bank transfer.  The commission is inclusive of VAT or other sales taxes where applicable. 


Who pays for postage?

The cost of posting the item to the renter needs to be included in the price of the rental, unless the renter selects next day delivery, which is an extra cost the renter will pay. Please ensure you get tracking and proof of postage when sending the item.


Who is responsible for cleaning?

As the lister of the item you are responsible for cleaning. You know the item best and how to care for it, so we always recommend the lister cleans the item. If you choose to dry clean the item then you may want to include some costs for that in your listing price. 


What happens if my item comes back dirty?

Given its been worn, it's going to come back needing a really good wash, that's completely normal. Some marks and minor signs of wear should also be expected. 

If on the rare occasion there are stains you don't think a good wash will resolve, or there is damage that's more than can reasonably be expected with normal wear, then please let us know as soon as you have received the item back and we will help you resolve it. 


What happens if my item is returned late?

Swished reminds renters when it is time to post their item back, and we ask them to message you with tracking and if there are any issues. If your item is late, in the first instance message the renter and try and resolve it between you and the renter. 

If you are unable to agree a resolution, let Swished know within 5 days and we can open a case. When we open a case we will look at all the circumstances to decide what a fair resolution is. By opening a case you agree to accept our final decision. In the event that we decide that the renter should be charged for extending the rental, we will decide how much that extension will be and will use best endeavours to recover that amount from the renter. 


What happens if my item is damaged beyond repair?

It is very rare that any item will be damaged, and some small signs of wear are expected. If after an item has been rented a few times, if you would like to continue renting the item, it may be necessary to carry out minor repairs such as re-fixing buttons or repairing a fraying hem or seam. 

If a renter damages an item beyond repair, then Swished will calculate what the Market value is for the item, given the number of wears it has had, and reimburse you that amount.


What happens if someone doesn't return my item?

In the very unlikely event that this happens, Swished will reimburse you the Resale price you set when listing your item, or the Market Value if no Resale price was set. We use the Resale price you set as that is your the price you would be happy to sell the items for.


Why have I been asked to provide photo and address ID?

The safety of our community is our top priority, and so it's important that we know who is renting or listing an item. On some occasions therefore, we may ask you to provide us your ID to continue to use the Swished platform. All identification documents are stored security and once verified are permanently deleted.